Homeopathy has changed my life.  Changed the life of  my family.
Well, I changed my life but homeopathy facilitated that. It allowed me to connect within and see more clearly.
Supporting + igniting the healing power that was already within all of us has been the most profound thing I have ever witnessed and felt.
We are all unique. We are all born with an innate wisdom. We have all been designed with a built in healing ability.
Homeopathy works with this. Homeopathy is a medicine of empowerment.
Tapping into what you already hold. 
You can learn to use at home. Your confidence will expand.
These are my top 5 picks. I never leave home without them.
When you begin to see the power of homeopathy your curiosity will grow and you will feel and experience the wisdom that you hold.
Things to understand when using homeopathy:
  • it is not about how many but how often. 
  • it is a medicine of potency and frequency.
  • as symptoms improve, the frequency decreases
  • the intensity of symptoms dictates the potency and frequency
  • as you move from physical to mental the potency may increase
  • store remedies away from electronics and cell phones.
These are my top 5 homeopathic remedies that I have used the most frequently and have stocked in my home and when travelling.  My kids even carry these when traveling with sports teams. Yes, you can empower and teach your kids to take care of their health!


 This by far is the best to begin with.  Most don’t even realize it is homeopathic as it becoming more main stream.  I am thrilled to hear surgeons are even recommending for post surgery!  This is wonderful for physical trauma and injury including concussions.  Anytime there is trauma, inflammation and pain think arnica.  Always best to give immediately following the trauma but any time is better than never.  You may be familiar with the creams but they won’t act nearly as deep as the remedy.  Frequency is determined by the level of injury/pain and experience by the person.  If severe repeat dose as needed until symptoms improve.  I have had to administer every 15 min for pain and inflammation after surgery   Once improvement was felt it grew to every 45 min than hour.  Eventually to 3x/day then 2x etc.

  • bruising
  • inflammation
  • broken bones
  • sprains
  • pulled muscles
  • concussions
  • pre/post surgery



Amazing remedy for just too much, overindulgence or over doing it. Symptoms arise after exertion, consumption and even too much mental work. It is great for traveling as well.  Yes, this is the famous hangover remedy.  Whenever symptoms occur after too much of something think nux.  My son who was 3 at the time once began to experience a fever, it was summer time.  Prior to this he had overexerted himself on every level.  Too much candy and junk food, too much physical exertion, too much emotional excitement.  He was not himself, and had a belly ache.  Because of the over indulgence I chose nux to help him with his fever.  Within hours it had lowered and he was feeling better.  Belly symptoms improved. Anytime there is some stomach/gastro issues, fever, headache, irritability, coldness after too much consider  nux vomica.

  • gas/bloating
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain or bloating
  • constipation
  • fever
  • heartburn or indigestion
  • hangover
  • irritability
  • chilliness
  • mentally may feel the need to just do it all



Arsenicum is a must wonderful for any gastro and stomach issues.  The premier remedy for food poisoning.  Burning, anxious, diarrhea, stomach, pain, fever are classic symptoms that point to this remedy.  If you experience this after eating and suspect food poisoning think arsenicum.  A must for your travel bag.  Many times indicated for flu or acute stomach virus.

  • food poisoning
  • flu with vomiting/ diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • burning sensations
  • heart burn/reflux
  • fever
  • chilliness
  • may be thirsty for small sips
  • may feel fearful and anxious
  • very restless



Slow onset of that feeling of illness or just something starting.  Heavy head, scratchy throat and overall blah feeling. Gradual over days. Great for flu if symptoms match this. Anticipatory anxiety or fear beofre going stage, performing or going to school think gelsemium.

  • slow onset
  • premier flu remedy
  • achy
  • fever
  • heavy head/body
  • fatigue
  • chills
  • anxious
  • anticipatory anxiety before performing in public



Symptoms present suddenly and intense. Fever, cough (go to remedy for croup), headache that appears after exposure to wind, from getting wet or chilled. Think sudden and strong for aconite. Symptoms may appear after a shock. Panic attacks. This is one of my favourite remedies of all time.

  • sudden onset
  • fever
  • cough
  • croup (first remedy to try)
  • headache
  • symptoms begin after a chill or getting wet
  • symptoms begin after a fright or shock
  • acute and sudden panic attack


Remedies can be used in 30c potency.  Arnica is best to have in 200c or even higher.  If severe and intense remedies may be repeated frequently (every 30 min). If mild or improvement occurs increase duration between doses. (every 2-4 hours). Less is more in homeopathy. When symptoms relapse is when it is time to repeat. As long as there is improvement then there is no need to repeat.  Remember, the correct remedy simply stimulates the body’s innate healing ability.

We all  can learn the basics and get to know the remedies for acute situations like injuries or acute illness but for chronic illness or deep mental/emotional symptoms you should always consult with a properly trained homeopath as there is so much more  that goes into chronic cases.

Establishing care and a relationship with a homeopath is great so then you are able to consult for acute should the need arise. It is great to have an expert on hand to help advise during acute illness or injury. 

Homeopathy is safe, effective and inexpensive.  The above remedies can be used during pregnancy, nursing and with medications. The most gentle and long term healing for even new borns and the elderly.

Homeopathy is always supporting the body with what it already knows what to do.

You have the power to heal. 


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