The dreaded cough.

We all experience some sort of cough.  That nagging, tickle that is nonstop, that deep chest cough, one that has mucus or is dry or that one that one that sounds like a barking seal.  So many types of coughs and experiences.  This is why there is not one remedy for a cough. We are so extremely unique and our experience and expression are also unique to some extent. So the remedy to help address the disturbance should be tailored just for you.

We have been taught and told to suppress.  The cough suppressant or antitussives are the immediate relief. Homeopathy differs in that it is not suppressing but actually supporting. Restoring health within to uproot the cough.

 Anything suppressing the body’s expression is working against the natural inclination of the body’s wisdom.


It can be daunting or overwhelming to have to choose remedies when something is needed quickly. I get it.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Below are top remedy choices for your coughing needs. As with any remedy if after 3 doses there is no relief move to another remedy.  If the cough is chronic in nature or appears yearly, deeper constitutional care is recommended to get to the deeper disturbance that is creating the susceptibility. Boosting overall immunity and vitality through constitutional care will also lower your susceptibility and create resilience when exposure has occurred.

Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs:


Aconite is one of favorite remedies and in my top 5 to have on hand. This has stopped that ‘something’ from turning into something bigger.  The first sign of any illness or symptoms especially a cough give a dose of aconite.  A cough that begins after being in the cold, wind or after becoming wet is a great indication for this remedy.  The cough comes on quickly, is dry and may be of barking nature.  This is the premier remedy for the early stages of croup.

  • great first remedy for beginning of any cough
  • cough comes on quickly
  • cough comes on after exposure to wind, cold or becoming wet
  • dry, barking cough
  • first remedy for early stages of croup



Drosera is dry like aconite but is much more irritation of the throat and larynx. Throat may feel constricted. The cough is  bark like and can become quite violent with quick successions of coughs, so much it is hard to catch the breath.  May hold chest when coughing as it is painful. Cough is worse at night and when lying down. May feel better when walking around. Respiratory infections like whooping cough is called for this remedy to begin.

  • violent, bark like coughs
  • painful as to hold chest when coughing
  • hard to catch breathe. May vomit
  • worse at night and when lying down
  • better when walking
  • respiratory infections like whooping cough



Ant. tart. is ready for cough with heavy congestion and mucus in chest.   Cough is wet and has an audible rattle or gurgling sound.  It takes great effort to cough and sounds like heavy wetness with little expectorant.  May feel like one is suffocating with difficulty breathing. Lips may appear bluish in color.  Respiratory infections.

  • heavy, thick congestion in chest
  • wet cough with an audible rattle
  • very little expectorant in relation to the severity of the congestion
  • great effort to try to expel
  • difficulty breathing



Cough that has moved down into chest.  Cough is dry in the upper respiratory tract.  Cough can be painful that one holds their chest and is worse on taking deep breaths. Pain is stitch-like.  Any movement of any kind makes everything worse. Worse in a warm room.  Cough makes headache worse. Can be quite irritable and want to be alone.

  • coughs that have moved down into chest
  • dry cough that has stitch-like pain
  • holds chest when coughing
  • cough worse by any movement and in a warm room.



Dry and croup like cough but the sound is like a saw that is cutting wood.   This is a great indicator for spongia.  Constriction, dryness and  irritation of larynx. Tickling of throat.  Cough is better from eating and drinking.  Asthmatic cough that is worse at night and in bed. May be called for after initial treatment with aconite if it progresses.

  • dry, croup like
  • sounds like a ‘saw’
  • tickle in throat
  • cough is better from eating and drinking



Dry, tickle like cough but may  have mucous in the throat that must be expelled.  Not as deep into chest as others.  Upper respiratory. This cough is worse for cold air. Immediately when one steps into cold air cough is worsened. Talking, laughing and taking in air gives that tickle and cough worsens.  Cough is better by sucking on candy/drop or by drinking.

  • mucous in throat that must be cleared or coughed up
  • cough triggered by cold air or breathing in air
  • cough is better by sucking, eating or drinking



Choose potency of 30c in remedies.  Dosing is as needed in acute care.  Begin with one dose, if  symptoms are severe can repeat every 30-60 min. Once improvement is felt then decrease frequency. If symptoms return or worsen after being better then it is indicative of repeating the remedy. If after 3 doses there is no improvement, change remedy.

There are additional remedies that may be indicated but consulting with a practitioner is best for lingering, chronic and asthmatic type symptoms.

If symptoms continue to worsen or other life threatening symptoms appear seek help with emergency medical care.

If symptoms are chronic it is best to seek the help of a professional homeopath.


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