Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder can wreak havoc on girls, teens and women every month. But it doesn’t have to.

We have homeopathy.  Homeopathy helps support the whole body + person and thus restores balance deep within.

The energy that fuels our organs and glands that produce the hormones must be supported.

Moodiness. Cramps. Anger. Losing control. All expressions of of hormones at play every month.

Because these things are common does not mean they are normal.

Everyone may express so differently and can vary each month. Homeopathy is very successful in supporting and harmonizing at the energetic level behind the hormones.

A well chosen remedy will help nudge the body from within at the hormonal level.

These are commonly indicated for women with pms symptoms.


One of the top remedies prescribed to women. One of my favourites. The woman requiring this will feel indifferent and flat. Crying and not sure even why. She will be sarcastic, irritable, angry and yelling at her children or those close to her.  The overworked mom or one overwhelmed with family and home life. It is hard to control her temper and feels the need to jump in car and drive away. She may feel guilt, depression and suffer from constipation and headaches.  She may crave intense exercise.

  • indifferent, flat
  • crying
  • angry, sarcastic, irritable
  • lashes out, shrieks at children or husband
  • overworked mom
  • overwhelmed with family and home life
  • desire to runaway
  • craves intense exercise
  • constipation, headache


This woman is similar to nux vomica but expresses anger, irritability in a more aggressive way. She may feel full of rage and physically become violent.  Swearing and impatience is a strong indicator. Also will be irritable with things (furniture or objects). She will be more of type A behaviour and be detailed oriented. She may crave coffee, stimulants, alcohol and spicy foods.  Anxiety, fears and early offended may also be felt. She is sensitive to loud noises and voices.  Constipation and chilliness are often experienced.

  • angry, irritable
  • aggressive
  • rage or violence
  • physically angry
  • swears, impatience
  • detailed, type A
  • craves coffee/stimulants, alcohol, spicy food
  • sensitive to loud noises
  • constipated, chilly


This remedy is a top hormonal remedy especially in younger girls just beginning puberty and their cycles. This girl or women will be very moody, intense mood swings. She is very emotional, crying, sympathetic but can then be also very angry and irritable. Insecurity and seeking reassurance or approval is often seen. She is easily persuaded or influenced by others. There may be constipation or diarrhea. Stuffy rooms make everything worse as they will always feel better in the fresh air and will seek it. Headaches are common and may have skin and urinary issues. She may crave sweets and creamy foods like ice cream and have little thirst.

  • extreme mood swings
  • very emotional, cries, sympathy
  • angry, irritable
  • insecure and easily persuaded or influenced
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • worse in stuffy room, seeks open air
  • craves creamy foods and sweet things
  • headaches, skin and urinary issues
  • little thirst


This is the top remedy for physical cramping. Cramping at any time can be resolved with this one.  It is truly amazing. She will feel better with heat or pressure and rubbing. This is often taken in the cell salt potency of 6x and can be dissolved into warm water as a tea and sipped as needed.  I have seen cramps improve within 10 minutes of taking a dose.

  • cramps
  • better by warmth or rubbing


All above can be taken in the 30c potency. Repeat as needed.

The above are for acute times when needed. For chronic and deeper balancing it is recommend to see a qualified homeopath to restore harmony as a whole so each month is welcomed.

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