Hello! I am Krista Rivet, a classically trained homeopath.
When I couldn’t get answers many years ago for my son’s health issues I took it into my own hands. I was tired of piling on medications and more surgeries and really getting nowhere.  More issues would arise. Nothing was addressing the underlying disturbance that was creating the expression of his symptoms.  There had to be more. I had to keep exploring and learning.  I found it.  I discovered homeopathy.  I found a homeopath. Our lives completely changed after I witnessed the powerful healing that occurred. His body and mood completely transformed.  Symptoms began to diminish.  Healing was occurring. Harmony was being restored. I had to know more about this misunderstood form of medicine. I learned it wasn’t the medicine but our own innate wisdom doing the work. Homeopathic medicine simply ignited this. I went on to study and became a certified classical homeopath.  My passion is to bring the awareness to others. To ignite your healing ability that you already hold.

I hope to empower you to realize you are in charge of your life and your body. I hope to inspire you to feel outside the box and tap into that powerful source that we all have within. Allow homeopathy to restore balance and harmony so you can fully heal.

You do have the power to heal.
I am going to support and show you the way.


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Healing is not covering up what is wrong.
It is getting to the root as to why it became wrong
in the first place.

Homeopathy Creates Harmony Within

To connect to yourself and who you are. Your authentic self. To tap into your powerful source that fuels your being to heal all aspects of you. Your body + mind + heart + soul.

You are more than your body. This fusion between all aspects in your life is the key to true healing. True alignment. When you are in alignment, you are in flow at a physical + mental + emotional + energetic level. You will heal. Homeopathy is medicine that does exactly this. Homeopathic medicine stimulates your life force in the direction of healing. As a homeopath I view you as a whole. There are no separate functioning parts. Symptoms are not the problem. They are the signal of something much deeper.  Symptoms are the expression of the deep imbalance. This is the level we get to. This is the level of homeopathic medicine.

Your body is designed to heal. Your vital force seeks to restore homeostasis once again.

I am invested and committed to help you regain the best level of health possible.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that views you as a whole. We look at illness or symptoms as the expression by the body in response to a  disturbance in the vital force, the deep energy that fuels the physical body and mind.  Homeopathy brings gentle, rapid healing to your physical, mental and emotional symptoms. We are so much more than our physical body and homeopathy is the only medicine that addresses all aspects of you. Homeopaths understand that symptoms that seem unrelated are in fact very related and are really an expression of a much deeper imbalance.  Homeopathy empowers you and supports your power and healing ability you already hold. The correct homeopathic remedy acts like a catalyst for your innate healing ability. It stimulates your vital force to heal. You are this powerful. Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and is based on the law of similars founded by Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy heals from the inside out. It gets to the root cause of the problem. Homeopathy is gentle and supports you. All of you. Homeopathy has no side effects and is completely safe for everyone even during pregnancy and new borns.

Homeopathy can help with:

  • Anxiety/depression/grief
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Eczema/psoriasis/acne
  • Injuries
  • Postpartum
  • Ear infections
  • Dental problems
  • Menopause
  • Colds/flus
  • Surgery

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