Welcome summer!

Summer is full of lazy days, fun activities, travel and can also bring bites, injuries, skin rashes or heat exhaustion.

Homeopathy has got you covered for all things you may encounter or experience during summer travel or summer fun. I have gathered my top remedies for travel or to keep on hand in your summer tote or at your cabin.


Truly amazing when given as soon as possible after a bee sting.  Think red, hot, itchy  puffy for this one.  Apis is great for any reaction that presents this way. It could be an allergic reaction or rash of unknown origin.

  • bee stings/bug bites
  • hives
  • allergic reactions
  • itchy, red, burning skin or spots
  • areas feel hot
  • swelling, edema (water balloon like)
  • swimmer’s itch


The premier remedy for after a tick bite.  This can be use immediately if a tick is found and then 2x/day for about one week after.  The go-to for any puncture woulds like stepping on a nail, branch of a rock in the water.  The area  may be painful and stiff.

  • tick bites (one dose 2x/daily for 7 days after a found tick)
  • insect/animal bites
  • puncture wounds (step on nail, branch etc)
  • swelling
  • pain, achy
  • area feels cold

Urtica Urens.

Hives and urticaria are often indicated by Urtica Urens. There may be a stinging, burning pain. This is a great first one for swimmer’s itch.

  • hives, rash
  • swimmer’s itch
  • allergic reactions
  • burning, stinging pains

Arsenicum Album.

The premier remedy for food poisoning. Great for camping or travel.  Arsencium has a strong affinity for the skin that may present as burning, itchy but often there is an anxious/restlessness seen.

  • rash
  • burning, itchy
  • swimmer’s itch
  • may feel anxious/restless
  • diarrhea, exhaustion
  • food poisoning

Rhus Tox.

  • poison Ivy, poison Oak
  • blister like eruptions
  • intense itchy
  • rash, hives

Nux Vomica.

Nux is one I always have in my purse along with arnica.  Think ‘too much’.  Any symptoms that appear after overdoing it such as fever, vomitting, diarrhea.  Great one for kids after too much stimulation like summer parties with lots of sugar or just overdoing it.

  • ‘too much’
  • over indulgence, over exertion
  • too much eating, drinking
  • hangover
  • fever
  • sleeplessness
  • vomiting, nausea
  • may feel cold and irritable


I have this in about every room in my house and for may kids travel sports bags.  Physical injury like bone breaks, sprains, slammed fingers in doors, goose eggs, bruises and concussion. Summer is filled with physical injuries!

  • physical trauma
  • bone breaks
  • sprains
  • bruises
  • sore muscles.
  • concussions


A go-to for red, hot throbbing.   Sunburns or sunstroke.  Also great for fevers, sore throat, ear infections or anything that presents with intense, red heat.

  • sunburn, sunstroke
  • red, hot, throbbing
  • headache from sun
  • ear infections
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • no thirst


  • sunstroke, heatstroke
  • pulsating, bursting headache
  • confusion
  • heart palpitations


  • extreme loss of vital fluids
  • dehydration
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • weakness



All remedies an be used in 30c or 200c.   Dosing is based on intensity of symptoms.  For sudden onset like stings or injuries, dosing can be as often as 15 min at first.  As improvement is felt dosing is less often and then not at all.

Please seek emergency medical care for any life threatening reactions or injuries.