Hand, foot and mouth disease (Coxsackie virus) is a contagious virus that is prevalent in children but may also occur in adults.  As the name suggests it appears on the hands, feet and in the mouth but it can also appear on the buttocks and legs. While it is usually mild and  non threatening it can be extremely uncomfortable. Like any virus the body will know what to do and resolve on it’s own but this can also be one of more painful and uncomfortable viruses.

Common symptoms are:

  • red spots/rash on feet, hands and sometimes buttocks and legs
  • blister like spots
  • sores in mouth, inside of cheeks and throat
  • fever
  • irritability/fussiness

I remember one of my children had a very mild form of it and I would not even had known, other than she was fussy with a mild fever and upon inspection saw a few red tiny dots on her hands.  For other children, I have seen full blown mouth sores that can be excoriating.  It is usually the mouth sores that are the cause of the discomfort.

While we know our body will self heal in time, it doesn’t have to be with such misery and discomfort.  We don’t have to resort to medications and we can assist and boost the body with its job.

We have homeopathy.  

Here are the top homeopathic remedies to help support and ease discomfort. These are best to begin in 30c potency and give a dose (3 pellets) 3-4x/day to begin. As with any remedy decrease when symptoms improve. Re-dose if they reappear. Consider changing remedy if no improvement after 3 doses.

Mercurious Solubus.

Merc. sol is one of the most common and indicated remedies for HFM disease.  It is often one to try first if the picture matches. Mouth sores or blisters are abundant and may even have white spots on tonsils. Intense sore throat with a tendency to drool. The breathe has is foul quite offensive odour as well. If they have a fever they also feel chilled and become quite aggravated when they feel hot then cold, as they experience the temperature change.

  • mouth sores/blisters with tendency to drool
  • bad, offensive breath
  • fever, chills
  • aggravated by temperature change
  • great sore throat remedy in general


The child or person requiring borax may have quite a dry throat.  The mouth sores or blisters may bleed and it is extremely painful to talk or eat. They may desire cold drinks. Their mood is very sensitive, be moody, irritable and startle very easily with any noise. They also may have a fever.

  • painful mouth sores/blisters with tendency to bleed
  • extremely painful to talk or eat
  • desire cold drinks
  • fever
  • extreme sensitivity to noise/startle easily
  • great remedy for canker sores in general

Antimonium Tartaricum.

This remedy may be indicated when the fever is accompanied by ice cold skin, almost like goose bumps. They are sweaty but also cold and clammy.  They are very whiney but do not want to be touched. The mouth is dry and parched with a white coated tongue. The rash or sores on skin may be more blister, pustule like. They may crave apples.

  • fever with icy, cold skin
  • sweating but also cold and clammy
  • dry, parched mouth with white colored tongue
  • irritable and averse to touch.


This child may be feel hot, be red and have red hot skin.  The rash on hands and feet may be itchy and bleed from scratching. There is an overall burning sensation on skin and body.

  • itchy rash worse when scratching
  • red, hot burning sensation
  • fever

Rhus Tox. 

The skin on hands and feet may be blisters that are filled with a clear or yellow fluid.  Itching is usually worse at night.

  • itchy blister like rash
  • blisters may be filled with clear or yellow fluid
  • blisters are sore to the touch


It is best to seek the care of a professional homeopath if unsure and to help choose correct remedy (there may another not listed here), potency and frequency.  Acute consults are available.

Always seek medical care if life threatening.

To learn more and how homeopathy can help you and your family, visit me at www.kristarivet.com or book here.