The most beautiful time is not always this way for moms.  For many it is like a roller coaster.

The postpartum period is a massive shift from within.
The physical demands.
The hormonal shifts.
The perceptions. The shame. The fatigue. The excitement.
The expectations. The exhaustion.
The joy. The depletion. The anger. The love. The resentment.
The gratitude.

So many emotions. So much physical change.
Just. So. Much.
At once.

Homeopathic medicine is a beautiful modality to support.
To empower a new mother. Homoeopathy shifts from deep within to restore balance in the hormonal sphere and mental/emotional.

There are multiple remedies to support physically. But to begin the support emotionally when indicated is priority.

If mom is harmonized on the emotional level the rest falls into place.

These are the most commonly indicated remedies but there are many more. 

The premier hormonal harmonized for a depleted mom. May feel resentment toward baby and husband. Anger. Overwhelm. Depression. Indifferent. Trouble bonding with baby. Flat. Aversion to any family duties or house work. An overbearing weighted sensation in the pelvic area.

Sensitive. Extreme mood swings. Crying with ease. Needy. Insecure. Worried. Clingy. Seeks consolation and company. Better in fresh air. May crave sweets.

Extreme hormonal and emotional mood swings. Feels like ‘a dark cloud’ is over her. Anxious. Feels incapable of caring for baby. May alternate between this and excitement and being very talkative. More extreme moodiness then pulsatilla.

Great sadness. Desires to be alone. Only cries when alone. Holds it all in. Irritable in company. May crave salt.

Extreme depression. Feeling of uselessness. She feels she is a burden. Everything is a burden. Gets angry easily. Suicidal.

Sadness with grief. Loss of baby. Loss of identity. Sighs. Feels disappointed. May alternate moods. Easily offended. Can’t sleep.

Homeopathy supports like a big hug. Harmonizing hormones.
No side effects.
Safe for baby.

The postpartum period doesn’t have to be a struggle. Homeopathy understands this.

If you know a mom who is struggling Homeopathy can be the difference.

The best course of action for a mom in need is to seek the care of a qualified homeopath to assess deeper and to choose the correct remedy, potency and frequency.