As women, our lives have many times of change, of transition.

Birth, menstruation/puberty, conception, giving birth and then menopause.  We are so conditioned to believe this is such an awful experience.  Yes, symptoms that present may be extremely unwanted and uncomfortable but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Temperature changes (hot flashes), moodiness, low libido, hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, anxiety,  sleeplessness, night sweats are all expressions of these hormonal shifts.  We fight and superficially alter this process or suppress symptoms until this time passes.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You do not have to suffer.

Homeopathy has such great success in easing into this time for women and helping lesson unwanted symptoms by supporting the body and helping guide and bring balance to this physical and emotional process. A well chosen remedy will nudge the body to seemingly transition with ease.

Everyone woman will experience menopause differently.  Some with hardly any symptoms. Some with full blown hot flashes and mood swings. Some experience panic, anxiety and depression.  Homeopathy has got you covered.  Women are complex and matching the correct remedy to the full experience is why homeopathy is so effective.  Every woman has a unique experience.

It isn’t about treating the symptoms but rather addressing the hormonal imbalance underneath.  Supporting and returning the body back to a more balanced state will help alleviate the presenting symptoms.  We do this by addressing the whole and not only will the symptoms disappear but the overall health and vitality will improve. When the hormones are harmonized the body restores it self. The transition is easier.

Peri menopause is a great time to begin homeopathic care.  The hormonal changes will harmonize as you begin and go through this stage of life so you will be fully supported in the later stages.  A consultation with a professional homeopath would be recommended.

You can try some remedies on your own of course to see if the symptoms that are most bothersome will be relieved. Finding the correct remedy to help support your personal journey may be found below. You do not need to experience all the symptoms listed in order for it to benefit you.

Remedies to help with Menopause:


Stagnation. Feeling stuck.  Stasis.  Heaviness.  Depleted. The physical body is in a state of stasis or sluggishness.  Hot flashes with perspiration that are worse at night. The mental state is also of that.  Mental dullness. Very disconnected. Angry, resentful towards family usually from too much responsibility.  Worn out. Disconnected and indifferent.  Wants to be alone. Libido low and aversion to being touched. May love physical exercise and usually craves but begins to feel to sluggish even for this.  Everything feels like a chore. May lash out to family members.  May also have Raynaud’s and cold hands and feet.


The woman needing Lachesis is very hot.  Heat aggravates. Hot flashes more in bed falling asleep.  Always worse before menstruation. When flow begins improvement occurs.  Menses bleeding is heavy, even hemorrhage like, with clotting.  Symptoms are mostly left sided.  Ovarian pain or cysts on the left side. Headaches more left sided. Venous congestion. Heart palpitations.   Mentally may feel agitated.  Restless.  Very talkative and must express so much. May be jealous and irritable. Sleep may be disrupted with a feeling of suffocation. Libido is usually high but can be irritated with touch. May have nausea and/or diarrhea.


Hot and sweaty. Perspiration is abundant and may be odorous.  Hot flashes and lots of heat during sleep. Night sweats.  Hands and feet are hot and like to be uncovered. Headaches. Symptoms may be burning in nature.  Diarrhea and very offensive bowel movements. Heart palpitations. Waking up frequently in the night.  May have skin issues like rashes and hives. Mentally may feel anxious about health of family.  Craves sweets.

Calcarea Carbonica.

Hot flashes despite feeling more chilly.  Perspiring back of neck and on head. May wake with damp pillow.  This woman gains weight or has history of weight gain and difficulty losing weight.  Sluggish.  Anxious. Bites nails. Hard working but overwhelmed and slow in doing the work. Feels responsible. Anxiety and stress over too much work to do and all the responsibilities that are required of her.   Too many thoughts crowd the mind and can not recall things. Worries others may see her perceived weakness. Brain fog.  Sense of insecurity over family, wealth and future.  May crave milk and eggs.


Very mild and a pleaser.  Very emotional and intense mood swings. Sensitive and seeks reassurance.  Can cry at anything even explaining her symptoms. Periods may have been scanty and irregular. Symptoms are always changing. Hot flashes are worse in stuffy room and all things are better in fresh air. Usually will have no thirst and crave sweets.  May also crave bread, butter and cheese.


This is a great remedy when other well indicated ones fail to act.  Hormone imbalances in past. Worse time is after ovulation right up until menstruation.  May have history of abuse.  Feeling a loss of identity and self.  Anxious. Panic attacks. Better by moving and fresh air. Problems since birth control pill, HRT or abuse.

Begin with 30c potency for all remedies. Take 3 pellets as one dose. Begin with a daily dose.  Stop dosing when there is improvement.  Only re-dose when things worsen.

Bone health is also affected by change in hormones, osteoporosis is very prevalent after menopause.  Cell salts are wonderful additions to help the bones assimilate nutrients and keep bones strong and healthy.  Cell salts can be taken 2x/day.

Calc. Phos. 6x: Weak, soft, brittle bones. Osteoporosis, demineralization of bone. Bones slow to heal.

Calc. Flour. 6x: Problems with absorbing calcium. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids. Problems with tooth enamel.


*There are other remedies that may also be indicated.  If there is a past history of pms or hormonal problems then it is recommended to consult with an experienced homeopath to find the best remedy for you.