We just moved our daughter back to her university recently and homeopathic remedies were the first thing I packed for her.

I sent her with many-just in case! She is beginning to learn the importance of supporting and boosting her vital force within so she is able to withstand the mental, emotional and physical stressors and everything that comes her way!  I love how she feels and understands true health and what this entails. 

It was so hard for me to narrow this down.

I am going to break it down to my top 10 for you.


This is one that is a must for that beginning of something. That fatigue, scratchy throat, headache body aches.  Slow onset. You know when you feel that something coming on. Great for flu like symptoms. Overall weakness on all planes. physical and mental/emotional.  Great for anticipatory anxiety. May feel cowardice, shy, timid. May have mental/emotional without the physical. 

  • slow onset
  • body aches. headache. heaviness. fever.
  • beginning of Flu. 
  • weakness on all planes (mental, emotional, physical)
  • anticipatory anxiety
  • worry. cowardice. timid. stage fright.



Sudden onset. opposite of gelsemium. Fever. headache. panic. comes on fast.  Symptoms may also begin after exposure to cold, wind or after getting wet or after a fright or shock.  Panic attacks that come out of nowhere. Fever that comes on suddenly. Intense. 

  • sudden onset
  • intense headache, fever, panic
  • panic attacks.
  • chest palpitations.
  • fear of dying.
  • cough-premier remedy for early stages of  croup. 
  • symptoms come on after a fright or shock. 
  • may have thirst.
  • restlessness.



This is the one you are most familiar with at your grocery store or pharmacy. It is the most recognized but probably not understood as homeopathic. This is a go to for the beginning of flu like symptoms.  I love to alternate this with gelsemium.  This is also great if exposure to one who has flu or flu like symptoms.  Very similar to gelsemium in the physical symptoms.

  • beginning of Flu.
  • chills, aches, fever.
  • fatigue 
  • heaviness
  • overall malaise



The over indulgence remedy. For the hangover.  We know all college kids will need this one. In addition to hangover any overindulgence or just doing too much calls for nux.  Too much as in too much stimulants (coffee etc), too many late nights, too much sugar etc.  Over exerting on all levels calls for nux.  Can not settle the mind from too much going on. A must for college students or anyone in the business or type A world. 

  • premier remedy for overdoing it. 
  • over indulging. HANGOVER.
  • bloating. gas. constipation.
  • sleeplessness due to too much.
  • “type A” behaviour.
  • chilliness
  • fever or illness that comes on after doing “too much” or “exerting too much”
  • gastro symptoms that come on after over indulging. Too much sugar, alcohol, food etc. 
  • may be irritable, competitive.
  • sleeplessness. 



This is a beautiful remedy that is also needed for the parents of those going off to school.  Grief is the key note for Ignatia.  Sadness, hopelessness.  Lots of weeping, sighing and crying.  This helped me immensely during the few weeks of packing  and saying good bye.  Also helped me during my times of my younger son’s cancer diagnosis.  It helps move and process overwhelm, sadness and grief.  Too much to handle and fear of not being able to handle what comes your way.  Great remedy for student emotional support. 

  • premier “grief remedy”.
  • symptoms come on after grief or sadness. Loss of loved one or loss in general. 
  • moody. hopelessness.
  • easily offended. 
  • may have headaches.
  • weeping or crying easily.
  • sighing.
  • lump in throat sensation. 
  • sleeplessness.



This remedy is similar to ignatia for grief. Overwhelm but more intense than Ignatia. Hair may fall out. May sit and stare.  Inability to speak or function. Weakness and slowness.  Flat and indifferent.

  • intense grief.
  • overwhelm. 
  • flat. indifferent. weak. slowness.
  • wants to sit and stare all day. 
  • may be result of physical illness or mental/emotional. 
  • illness that comes on after state of grief.  Collapse from over exertion. 
  • headaches as if weight on top of head.
  • hair loss.



This is one for sure in my travel kit.  The go to for gastro disorders or diarrhea from eating bad food. Also for extreme restlessness with pacing and panic. Physical symptoms are burning in nature. Anxiety and fear rooting from extreme insecurity. 

  • insecurity.
  • anxiety. Fear and restlessness. Needs company.
  • fears health issues. worries over every health symptom. 
  • fears death.
  • needs support and reassurance.
  • may have panic attacks but not as sudden as aconite.
  • fear of being alone.
  • needs to be in control. Fastidious. 
  • abdominal and gastro distress. 
  • premier remedy for Food Poisoning. fever. 
  • pains or physical issues are burning in nature.



This is the remedy for physical injury.  Stubbed toes to major head or body trauma in sports. Arnica has been a staple in my kids sports bags for years. From broken bones to swelling and inflammation from physical trauma, this is a must. 

  • physical trauma.
  • bruising. swelling. pain. 
  • head trauma. concussions.
  • restless. feels ‘beaten up’.
  • sprains. muscle pulls. bone breaks. 



This has come in handy this past year. For illness or colds that move into chest.  That heavy, chest congestion. Fever. Always feels worse by moving around.  Wonderful go to remedy for the current situation into the chest. 

  • cold or illness that has moved into chest. 
  • pain in chest. pneumonia. pleurisy. bronchitis. 
  • worse by movement.
  • injury or sprain that is worse by movement. 
  • worse by being disturbed or by company.
  • intense headache. may be on left side. 
  • worse by breathing. 
  • may have great thirst. 



Wakefulness.  Can not sleep.  Too much going on in the mind.  Can not settle the thoughts. Typical college students cramming too much and too much stimulation.  Nervous, sensitive, excited and just over reactive. 

  • over excitement of the mind.
  • sleeplessness. insomnia. 
  • sensitive to all things. All stimuli. 
  • aggravation to drinking coffee but desires. 
  • headaches. 
  • temors or general nervousness. 


These are great remedies to have on hand as are many others. In acute moments, in stressful situations or when illness creeps on in these are the ones to have. Constitutional care of course is best to support and boost the inner vitality so one is less susceptible to those outside pathogens and stressors. 

The above remedies can be used in 30c.  Begin with one dose (4 pellets) and repeat as needed. Intensity of symptoms dictates the frequency. 

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