We for so long have been taught that the brain is the end all be all to our development. We believe our brain controls us. All of us. This has been a perspective that has been skewed. We focus on the brain and how it controls our body. Our emotions. Our actions. We are conditioned to ‘think’ about it or to analyze etc. with our mind only. We neglect an important part of our growth and decision making. We neglect a knowingness. We have learned the heart is a critical organ to pump blood and sustain our life. While this is true we have been missing out on fascinating two way communication between the brain and the heart. Yes our heart communicates with our brain. In fact there are more signals sent from the heart to the brain than vice versa. Our heart is formed first in utero. Our body can not function without our heart beating but our body can still function without without the brain.

Science has come a long way and is just still uncovering the power we hold within. Unfortunately we become held back from our true potential because the scientific understanding is not quite there yet. The Heartmath institute has done much research on this topic and wonderful studies can be found there. The heart actually communicates with the brain in four ways:

Neurological (nervous system)

Biochemical (hormones)

Biophysical (pulse wave)

Energetic (electromagnetic field)

The heart has become a symbol of love, courage, emotion and wisdom. But studies have shown it is much more than this. Many mechanisms such as EEG (brain waves), SCL (skin conductors), ECG (heart), BP (blood pressure) and hormone levels and even more have been used to measure the effects of depleting emotions such as anger, fear, frustration etc. It became evident that these depleting (there are no “negative” emotions) emotions lead to increased disorder in brain function which was represented and reflected by the heart rhythms which then went on to adversely affect the physical body systems. This provided evidence of the communication pathways between the heart and the brain. Studies also showed how the heart acted as though “it had a mind of it’s own” that influenced our perceptions and could alter our awareness of our daily lives.

We have come to learn how the heart is more than a pump to keep the body alive. Our heart activity can affect our mental clarity, creativity, emotions and daily effectiveness.

With this understanding we can tap into this power we hold. We can learn to regulate our heart and thereby our physical and mental/emotional health. We can then affect the world around us.

If we can tap into and regulate our selves we can then alter our internal alignment. When our mind and our emotions are out of sync we experience radical behavioural changes such as anxiety, confusion, depression, almost like there are two different people living within. I know for me experienced for most of my life. Living with my mind thoughts but feeling what came up but there was no communication. Like the brain (thoughts) and heart (feelings) were in a battle.

If we can tap into this we can alter our outer environment. The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the body. It is about 60x greater in amplitude than that of the brain. It is 100x stronger than that of the brain. and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body in all directions.

You know that vibe you feel from others? Trust it.

You know that feeling you get within? Trust it.

So how do we align the heart with our mind? How do we foster and enhance the communication both ways?

Awareness. Self awareness. Harmony from within. Begin to do Heart focused breathing.

Heart coherence is the measure of the pattern of the heart’s activity. It reflects the harmonious activity between all bodily functions. You can learn to connect and create this.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the measure of the beat to beat changes in the heart. So not your heart rate or beat but the space in between this.

When you increase your heart coherence you become aligned within yourself. You then begin to expand this to outside of yourself. You then can become your creator of your experience.

When you begin to breathe into your heart space you begin the process of self regulation. We so often seek directive of how to calm us or to control our outside situation.

The power lives within you. You are the only one that can access this and regulate this.

To begin to introduce this you can choose to take as little as five minutes to breathe into your heart space.

  • Focus your attention in the area of the heart.
  • Imagine your breathe flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing slower and deeper than usual. Find an easy rhythm that is comfortable for you.
  • As you continue to heart focus breath, begin to experience or feel a regenerative feeling like appreciation or compassion for someone or something in your life.

I usually feel when my dog/pet snuggles with me. Or when I had my babies and that feeling and smell that I felt. Find something that is unique to you.

This is the beginning steps to help self regulate and influence your physical body. Your health, immunity, hormonal systems all will reflect.

Our immune systems are boosted when we are in a good state of coherence.

Our pathway from the heart becomes unblocked. There is flow. We can then respond and make decisions rooted from our internal wisdom.

Homeopathic medicine is also one of the few practices that act on this level of deep power within. Combining homeopathy with this awareness and practice of coherence is powerful synergy.

You truly do have the power within. You must begin to connect and regulate it.

A specific remedy chosen just for you can help you unlock and tap back into yourself. To your power. To all that you are.