Homeopathy gets you. Homeopathy understands how powerful you are.

Homeopathy is simple yet so complex.
It is simple because it makes sense, it’s safe and has no side effects.
It is complex because we are very complex as we must fuse the mind + body + soul to fully heal.


We are not our parts. We are not our body.

We are the life fore that runs through the body and keeps these parts running.


As a whole. 

We must address the body as a whole to fully heal. We must become aware that we are an amazing source of energy that keeps our body running. Together. As a whole. That our physical body is fueled by a vital force.  Our parts must be looked at as pieces of something greater.  Like how you would view an orchestra. Each instrument has its own tune or part and it isn’t until they all play tother as one that you fully hear the song or melody.  When we have a disturbance in the  energy that fuels our parts, is when symptoms arise. That is how intelligent our body is.  It speaks to us via symptoms. So symptoms really are blessings. They are signaling to us that there is a disturbance somewhere deeper within.

Traditional models and treatments view and treat symptoms as the problem.

Thus attempting to manage, mask, control or remove.  These are purely working on us on the physical level. They are mostly suppressive in nature.  They focus on the opposite action of what our body is trying to do.

Symptoms are not the illness.  

Symptoms are not the problem.

Symptoms lead us to the real problem. 

Symptoms are guides.


What if you had a medicine that addresses healing like this? That uses that same energy that creates your symptoms? What if you had system of medicine that addresses your vital force and the essence of who you are?

You do.

What if you could boost your natural ability to heal?

What if you supported the expression and allowed the body to speak?

You can.

This is homeopathy.  This is the 200 year old system of medicine.  It does exactly this.  I know I was unsure and didn’t understand it when I first encountered it.  Even after years of seeing and feeling results and even when I chose to study it, it was still hard to unlearn past programing.

So why is it not more widely used?  Why doesn’t everyone know about this?  It is widely misunderstood.

The reasons why it is hard to study and understand are the same reasons why it is so effective:

  • It is extremely personal. You are unique.
  • It can change, as you change.
  • It does not have a big profit.
  • It works.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It is gentle and suitable for all ages.

It is quite the opposite in every which way that we have come to understand illness and wellness.

When you begin to understand how you operate and that symptoms are gifts, you can then understand that homeopathy does not treat illness.  Homeopathy treats you. Your experience of the symptoms is what matters.  You, who has the imbalance is what matters. Who you are and all that you are and how you are expressing the imbalance is what is important. So when you are treated at that deep level of your life force all the symptoms the body is creating will be addressed. You are a beautiful meshing of it all. There is one remedy that will match with all of you and that is my job to discover what that remedy is.

Homeopathy isn’t powerful.  

You are.

Homeopathic medicine is simply the catalyst. 

Homeopathy takes time.  It takes commitment.  It takes patience.  It takes communication.

It is a partnership.  Homeopathy supports, guides and boosts your healing process.  You do the work.

When you choose homeopathy you are choosing you. You are choosing to do the work. To heal. Therefore, you play the integral part.  You are owning your health. You are focussing on wellness. Not fighting the illness.

You are your healer.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that understands this.

You have been designed to heal. 

Let’s support that. 

For more information and learning about homeopathy, you can visit https://kristarivet.com/homeopathy-faq/

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