It is the time. Allergy season.

Homeopathy is wonderful for allergies. I have been fortunate to not suffer much. However, I also lived with my children that suffered tremendously in the past. But why? That is what I ask? Why do they suffer and I do not? Why do some have severe reactions and others minimal or nothing?

That is is question. That is root. Pollen and outside things are not the cause contrary to what what we believe. If you search allergies you may find ‘caused from‘ pollen, dust, pets etc. So yes it is causing a reaction but it is not the cause of the reaction. That is us. It does cause the immune response and thus allergy symptoms but it, itself is not the cause of this response. It is actually the trigger. It is triggering an immune response within us. We, our body, our immune system is reacting to something. So doesn’t it make sense to work with ourselves, our body, our immune system to settle and get to the root of that response rather than fight the outside ’cause’?

The cause of seasonal allergies is not the pollen. That is merely the trigger. It is our body’s response and why it is creating a reaction. Our overactive immune response.

That is truly the cause of the allergy symptoms.

This makes sense to me. That is why I use homeopathy. Just like anything in homeopathy, individual assessment is required to uproot and alleviate seasonal allergies. This takes time. With my older son, gradually each year his allergies lessened. His were so severe both eyes would swell shut and he couldn’t breathe. It was awful to witness. So I began homeopathic treatment in addition to daily antihistamines until I learned enough and then and no longer needed them. Now, as a homeopath I still have benedryl on hand or a Claritin but that is not our first choice. Antihistamines like any anti- medication are just that.

Against. Opposing. Fighting.

Fighting the body’s response to what ever it may be. In seasonal allergies your body is producing too much histamine. It is being set off or triggered. So while antihistamines do alleviate the allergy response, they also can have many side effects. And most importantly the reason why the body is over producing the histamine is not being addressed. It is ok to use both if needed. That is also why I love homeopathy. You can use along side anything. Sometimes, especially when learning you may need immediate relief now. I get it. Homeopathy takes time to learn but when you do it is miraculous to witness immediate shifts. While homeopathy also offers immediate relief, you also need to know which remedy to choose and how often to administer etc.

In addition to chronic, constitutional care which was specifically chosen for him I also use remedies for the acute symptoms that arise. Even treating the person acutely over time you find the allergy symptoms lessen year after year.

These are a few top picks that you may find helpful this season.

For all remedies I recommend 30c to start. Use 3 pellets as one dose. Dosing at first sign of symptoms. Can be repeated every 15-30 min if severe or every few hours depending on severity and if improvement is seen or felt. As improvement is felt increase time in between. If there is a relapse then repeat.

Allium Cepa.

Think of symptoms that our body creates when exposed to a cut onion. Burning, watering eyes. Runny nose. Profuse running, like a faucet. Slight headache. Sneezing. Nose and upper lip become raw/burning. Worse left side. Worse warmth. These are also symptoms we may find in the common cold which also indicates this remedy.

Apis Mellifica.

This a must to have on hand. Swollen eyes. Puffiness. Like water balloon filled. Eyes may be so swollen they can’t open. Redness. Itchiness. Coldness, ice packs alleviate while warmth makes it worse. All strong indicators for apis. The premier remedy for bee stings as well.


Wonderful remedy for eye symptoms. The inside of the eye is red and may feel like sand in it. The conjunctiva of eye is red or swollen. Itchy. Blinking. Profuse watering of eyes. For inside of eyes and discharge vs the outer skin swelling as in apis.


A great overall remedy for seasonal allergens in general. Sneezing. Lots of sneezing. Itchy, tingling nose. Itchy, scratchy throat. Thin, watery discharges. Dry cough. A great first remedy to try to cover it all.


My new favorite remedy. This has helped my kids immensely in the past. Too much histamine which is the root cause of the symptoms. This addresses the high histamine level overall. Similar to sabadilla in it being a general and not as symptom specific. While you can address symptoms and may be better if you select the correct match, this is a must for overall and could even be given prior to allergy season.


This remedy has the distinct keynote symptom of itchy top of mouth into the throat and into back of nose. That tickling, itchy that you try to scratch with your tongue or by snorting. Can extend to ears. Dryness of throat and mouth. Dry cough.

These are a just a few of the remedies that can help in acute allergies. But remember to fully uproot and address the imbalance as to why you suffer from allergies a deep personal, constitutional care would be required. Homeopathy does not treat the allergies but it treats YOU. You are just experiencing symptoms. All homeopathic remedies are safe and free from side effects.

Allergy season does have to be dreaded every year. You can also find combination homeopathic allergy remedies. This is also a great place to start if unsure. But is always preferable in homeopathy to use one at a time.