Homeopathy is a tried and true form of medicine.  For over 200 years many all over the world have been using homeopathy.  Many countries still have integrative hospitals.  Some even have incorporated it as part of their health care system.  In parts of Canada it is also a regulated form of health care. Homeopathy is a gentle, healing form of medicine that addresses you as a whole. A system of medicine that gets to the root cause of your symptoms.

Since the beginning we have been taught and continue to be bombarded with ‘facts’ or ‘truths’ about the body. We are taught that the body functions as ‘parts’.  We have glands, organs and systems and are each seen as separate entities.  When we experience symptoms we are so quick to just not want to feel anything that we remove or mange the symptom.

Our current medical model and conventional practices look at these symptoms as the problem.

So we get prescriptions, surgery or life long medication to ‘control’, ‘remove’ or ‘manage’.  We then go on with our day and our life.  Until we experience side effects or a new problem.  That means more medications or surgeries.

I experienced this first hand with my son and his enlarged adenoids, his allergies and  his chronic ear infections.

I experienced with my other son and his warts.

I experienced it with my daughter and her allergies.

I experienced with my youngest with her fears and anxiety. It was a continuous roller coaster of an unknown.  Of continuous medications and problems.

Did you know our adenoids are a critical organ in our body? They are part of  our immune system.  So when they are overacting or chronically swollen they are speaking loud and clear.  We have a problem. Did you know  that our skin is our largest organ? When we begin to grow things or it shows a disturbance there is a reason.  We have a problem. Did you know our allergies are an inflammation from within responding to a stimuli? When we create inflammation and a histamine response there is a defense mechanism happening. Something is being triggered. We have a problem.

These symptoms are our guides, our messengers to a greater disturbance.

We must address the reason why these symptoms are appearing.  

We must see them as the solution not the problem. 


So to remove the symptom, take a medication to push it back in the body or to remove an organ that appears to be the cause we  only look at the symptom as the problem and we are doing an incredible disservice to our health.  First of all, we are missing the true disturbance.

The true reason as to why the symptoms are being expressed.  Our body is so intelligent it will find another way to communicate with us.  Then it is looked at as another problem.  The cycle repeats.

Secondly,  we are giving away our power. Our power of our ability to heal.  When we seek to stop a symptom we are relying on outside means to do so. We are fighting rather than supporting.  We are believing true health comes from outside of us. If our body creates and grows symptoms then it certainly has the power to eliminate them.

Now, here is the problem.

For most, we have no idea of other alternatives. We don’t know where to look or to go. It is not something offered.  It is actually frowned upon. I know I felt nervous to ask anything that goes against the norm. The modern medical model only looks at our body as parts and addresses it as such.  It looks at symptoms as the problem.  It looks at health as prescriptions and managing or removing the symptoms. Its focus is on illness. Not wellness.  I also realize this is all they are taught. Therefore taught to us.

And I must add that I value and appreciate modern medicine.  When my son had a rare cancer of course I wanted the tumor removed.  When something comes on rapid and life threatening you bet I will be rushing to the emergency room. And yes during allergy season you may need immediate relief to get through your work day.  I value it all.  I use it all. Yes, I also resort to quick fixes when called for.

But….I also know homeopathy. I also incorporate homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a medicine that gets to the root cause.  Homeopathy is the medicine that looks at the symptoms as the solution.  The guide.  The voice speaking to us. Guiding us to the problem. 

I valued immensely the help I got from doctors during all my learning and discovering.  I continue to value the diagnosis or need for immediate care that I am able to receive. But no one knew how or why the symptoms were arising.  I wanted to know.

I knew there was more.

It was obvious to me.  I needed to address the reasons. The root.  Since I began to see our symptoms as the solution rather than the problem, since I have chosen homeopathy for our symptoms, our lives have changed. My kids and family are no longer continually taking medications, or inhalers. No longer are symptoms arising when they ‘miss a dose’.

Since my journey began of seeking the answers to my questions and discovering healing and health over managing, my son’s allergies have almost disappeared.  His acne has improved immensely. My son’s bones have healed stronger than I could have ever imagined.  My daughter’s anxiety and lack of focus is gone. My other daughter’s eczema gone.


By supporting.  Not fighting.

Just what if you were able to work with your body’s reaction or expression of

disturbance rather than work against it?

You would heal.

You would be supporting your body’s innate ability.

You would be trusting your power.

Symptoms are our friends.  We may not like them and they may be agonizing but it is our body’s way of communicating with us. To us. We must listen and nurture. Regardless of the symptom, there is always an underlying reason as to why your body is creating it.

If only we knew more. You have the power to learn more.

Healing is a process. Our symptoms are arising to help us. Our symptoms are our body’s way to ask us for support. Not to be fought against.

I now, dedicate my life.  It is my passion to support the healing process.  Being a homeopath, it is beautiful to witness such shifts within people. I love being able to share the power of homeopathy.  To facilitate the healing process.  To boost the power that you already hold. The ability that you have to heal.

Homeopathy does this. All of this.

Homeopathy supports and understands you. All of you.

Homeopathy gets to the root as to why the symptom is appearing.  Nothing gets this deep.

When use your symptoms as the answer rather than the problem, your life will change.

Your body is designed to heal. You must listen and support it.

Homeopathy does exactly this. Homeopathy heals.


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