This year is your year. The year to focus on you.

To begin your journey back to yourself. if you haven’t already. The times and energy we are experiencing right now is screaming at us to connect to our hearts and to live from love. To expand to be able to see the whole picture. To expand your awareness of your internal strength. To focus inward. To become heart centered. To live from your power. To live from love. To own yourself. To trust. To heal yourself.

But you can’t do this from outside of yourself.

We have been trained and conditioned to seek outside of ourselves for our answers. For our decisions. For our healing. For our joy. We have come to identify ourselves with what has been told of us. Who we have been labeled as. What we do. Where we live or what we have done. We are handed information and shamed when we don’t follow. We then perceive what comes our way and make choices based on this filter. We have a lens we now see the future through. We then attract more things that match the frequency of our perceptions. How many times have you said “that makes me so…” or “you made me….”? No one makes you mad. Not one thing can make you do anything. That is on you.

If others are truly responsible for our emotions, If the events outside of us are truly responsible for our response then they have control over us. We have given away our power. We continue to be molded and dependent. We just don’t know any different. We blame, shame and then expect ourselves and lives to be fixed the same way.

They are not responsible for you. You are not responsible for them.

It has become so hard to be ourselves. To speak our truth. We have become powerless.

We have handed it over the minute we rely on others to come fix us. No one owns your joy, your anger, your health. But you.

This year I encourage you to energize your soul.

To pause and feel before you respond.

To feel what comes up and where, in your body.

To to challenge your beliefs. Your intentions behind your words and actions. Your reactions. Your comforts. Your discomforts.

Your why.

It is time to go inward.

You already are whole. You already have everything you need. We are born as pure love, full of wisdom.

The time has come to return to this space. It is time to listen and trust.

When we begin to see events through the lens of our heart of our truth, of our connection, is when our reality shifts. Our body strengthens. We become resilient. Our frequency changes. Our life changes.

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor E. Frankl

This space is inside of you.

Your growth and freedom are your responsibility. You can learn to regulate yourself. Love yourself. Heal yourself.

You can alter your perception. The events or circumstances may not change but how you choose to see them certainly can.

You find your truth, your answers, your growth your healing where your heart, mind, body and soul mesh. This is your light. When your light is shining, the dark can not exist. This is your power. You are the only one who can do this. You have this amazing ability to regulate and stimulate your healing ability.

You will be able to observe. Like a bird from above. Unattached from it. It is then you will be able to choose your response from your space of power.

When you observe and not absorb what is going on around you is when you are at peace. You are strength. You are not in it, you are with it. You understand all is happening as it should.

How do you do this?


Awareness is the first step to your journey back to yourself. Awareness that you have have had this unawareness of how great you really are. Awareness that you always have a choice. Awareness that you are fully responsible for your choices. Your healing. Awareness that you really do know all of your answers. You know how to heal. You are full of wisdom.

To begin, find something that resonates with you. That inspires you. Taking time to breathe and honor yourself. Take time in nature. Feeling the energy and power around you. Shut off the news. Disconnect from social media for some time. Surround yourself with love, people that feed your soul. Create boundaries for those who don’t.

Creating coherence between the heart + brain is empowerment. Is truth. Allows for clarity. Adding a holistic modality like homeopathy will help facilitate this and restore harmony on all levels. Your whole being will strengthen. Your vital force will smile. Your body will become more resilient.

You will find your sweet spot of the meshing of all your parts. Your heart, body, mind and soul.

It is time to fall back in love. With yourself.

You are the owner of your body. Your life. Your health. Your choices. No. One. Else.

No one outside of you knows what is best for you.

This is why the year of you has come. The world needs your light. Your love. Your power. Regulating your breath and heart. Boosting and supporting rather than suppressing, managing and fighting.

This is the power. The power you hold for truly changing the world around you.

You can only heal you.

It is then you can begin to heal the world around you.

You have the power to be a creator.

You are the peace. You are your healer.

Find the place where your heart, mind, body, and soul meet.

This is the year of you. Welcome it. Embrace it. Own it.

Be the light you wish you see.

You can heal. You have the power to heal.

Our world will heal.

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