Love is the root, the foundation for it all.

Love for oneself.

Self love is absent for so many. We think if we take care of our bodies, take breaks, visit the spa that we are engaging in self love.  Yes, while these are wonderful acts of self care, true self love may still be absent.  I know for me I lived for so long doing it all, I excercised, ate well and took time to pamper myself but it wasn’t rooted from self love.  As I did these things my mind was always on the go and was engaged in bullying self talk.  I would punish myself for not looking a certain way, how I imagined I wanted to look like.  I hated on me. I would be angry for eating too much or saying certain things and then re-play it over an over.  These acts were rooted in self hate. They were superficial acts that were from the outside in. It took a journey for me to see how much I was hating on myself.  I lived from a place of fear because of this.  I had no self love.

 My foundation was crumbling so everything on top was in such a fragile state.

It was sessions from a life coach that helped me find my way back into me and unlock this. Breathe work, journaling  and help from homeopathy helped me peel away stories so I could get even deeper. I realized I lived my whole life in fear because I didn’t have any love for myself so I projected all of this out there and was anxious.  I was out of harmony and alignment. This  awareness created such a big a-ha moment.  I began to feel my soul.  I began to nourish it from the inside out rather than the outside in. Slowly, very slowly began to feel love and compassion for myself.  I began to trust.


You have to have trust in yourself. Trust in the process of life. Trust in what the universe is delivering.  But you never will be able to trust if you don’t have the foundation of self love.  You will doubt what is happening because you doubt yourself. You will second guess your choices, your decisions.  You will live from fear. You will live from your mind not your heart.  Because I had no self love for myself I lived in constant fear and judgement. Constant anxiety and worry.  It all stems from fear and not begin fully able to trust.  I had such a disconnect between my heart and my mind.

Because of my inner work  I began to love myself and all of my parts.  I was able to fully feel what was right and to trust that feeling. I began to surrender to what is and accept and allow all that was happening to just happen. Accepting the timing of it all.  I now feel aligned and live in harmony.

Opening the channel between my heart and my mind created harmony.  I was able to begin to heal.

It takes so much strength to accept what is happening whether it is good or bad then to resist or fight.  It is so freeing to be able to just trust.   Because I feel such a sense of love and connection I am able to trust the process.  Many want to fight or keep forcing for something but this stems from fear.  Fear of losing what they want. Fear of losing control. Wanting  that picture in their heads of how it should be. Surrendering and giving up are very different things.  Surrendering is allowing what is happening to just happen.  It is happening anyway so go with it.  To be able to trust what is. Trusting it all, is a beautiful place to live.  But the foundation of self love must be cultivated first. The foundation must be strong.



Healing will only occur when you are in alignment. True healing.  Long lasting healing.  I found harmony by feeling that flow between my soul and the chatter in my mind.  This is work.  Hard work.  I still struggle and feel disconnect but because I am so aware of that harmonious feeling I am able to do the work to get there once again.  When you are aligned and in harmony with your heart and mind you are then connected to out there.  This connection opens the gates. The path to healing. Healing occurs from deep within.  With you. It was when I woke up and decided to dig in.  I began to trust everything. Trusting what was happening as it happened.  I began to live from love.  Not fear.  I opened within myself.

I began to heal.

Whether you are seeking healing on a physical level or emotional it is truly all connected.  Your body reflects what is happening deep within.

Healing is a complex, messy dance between your heart, soul, mind and body.

So to begin to heal as a whole you must connect to self. To your soul.  Open that path between your heart and your mind, your thoughts and begin to love so you can trust. You have the power. You have the choice.

You can heal.


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