This is a hard concept to grasp for many. I too never could see myself as separate from my body. We are pure energy just being transported in our bodies through this life. Yes this may sound a bit woo-woo but when you evolve to this mindset there is a profound shift in every aspect of your life. I feel there is so much more than our physical bodies and our physical world. It is truly what is not seen which is the most powerful thing.

It is not what is seen that is powerful but what is felt.

For most of my life I lived for my physical body. Exercised and ate well. I neglected my energetic body and my emotions. Mostly because we never were taught how powerful they are. I too would treat physical symptoms by doing something to just get rid of that symptom but the question that would plague me is why? Why is this happening? For years I suffered from gastro-intestinal issues. Something that many suffer from. With what I ate I surely could not be suffering from this. I ate well and exercised and from the traditional model there was no explanation for my symptoms, all should be well. But this didn’t make sense to me. Something was off.
I then traced it back to time that as a big upheaval in my family’s lives.

The a-ha moment.

My anxiety and fear over the lack of control and uncertainly of our future preceded my gastro issues. Of course this made sense to me. Our guts are connected to our brains and is the center of our well being. Our guts house billions of bacteria that help stay in sync with the environment. When that system is disrupted we are disrupted. So the dis-harmony between my emotional energy from the fear of losing control and of the unknown was linked to my issues. I was trying to control things and had such fear of what was to come. I was out of alignment.

I of course was told to take some bowel stimulating substance and drink more water.

Purely physical.

What about what was happening in my head? my fears? my anxieties? Nope, was not asked about any of that. If we live this life only focusing on our physical world we will surely be out of harmony and suffer. We have real power within us and all around us but are so caught up in the noise and our own beliefs that we are not using it or choose to ignore it.

We are energy. Energy that is always vibrating at different frequencies.

Purely life changing. Now here is the irony of it…as much as we are not our bodies our body is part of us. We can’t just be defined by our physical body.  I often use the term suitcase or case to refer to our body with our kids. You need to care for it and treat it right but it is purely a case transporting us through our time on earth. So yes food and nutrition are key but it all works together.

We are are a soul, energy or life force being

 held in our case.

Sometimes our case gets damaged but it can repaired. If it is a sudden drop to the case sure we can mend it and sew it back up. The body was designed to heal itself. Sometimes the inside of the case gets damaged-our emotions and we feel sad. When the outside appears to be strong and sturdy the inside continues to suffer. No attention is given to our precious insides that could be hurting more than ever. This can’t be seen and therefore is dismissed.  Eventually no matter how sturdy that outside case is, that toxic, broken inside will leak through the case to the outside. Now we have trouble as it is much harder to repair as we have a mess inside as well as the damage it is creating to the outside. Where do we begin? To tape up the outside and mask that leak really is doing a dis-service as who wants a nice sturdy suitcase with dirty, stained broken inside? By bandaging up the leak will surely just create more pressure and it will find another way out. Healing occurs from the inside out.

So as much as you can identify yourself with your physical body  there is so much more than our physical presence.   When you heal from deep within at the life force level the body will follow.

Our life force.

Who we really are.

Such a far out subject as the current medical model really only focusses on “treating” the symptoms not why they are appearing.  The focus is purely on the physical body. Our bodies are designed by nature to heal themselves. What happens when you get a cut? It heals. Our bodies make our own bandaids…how cool is that?! Our skin sheds and creates new cells, our liver is capable of repairing itself and here is the biggest one…we grow babies!! Our bodies are nothing less than a miracle! But what is keeping all of these functions running? Some sort of power.

Do not underestimate the power of our bodies. But this power that runs your body comes from our energy source. Our hearts. Our life force. It keeps the functions going.  If our vital force is in harmony with our physical body and mind then it can move in the right direction we can heal….from anything. If this same power, energy, vital force or emotions can cause illness (high blood pressure, ulcers, heart disease ect) which is well recognized and accepted then why can’t our own power, vital force and emotions heal? If our thoughts/emotions/energy can make us sick then why can’t they make us heal? They can!

This is the basis of most holistic healing modalities. It is about supporting and boosting the power that we that we all innately have. I choose  homeopathy and practice as a homeopath as it is a medicine that supports and stimulates or body to heal on every level. We are therefore not treating the disease but rather the person (life force) that is experiencing the symptoms. When you start to dig and uncover all the layers of someone with chronic illness there is usually always an emotional root layer that began it all. In my practice I have always seen the deeper stress/emotional precursor. When dealing with acute trauma there is of course a few more variables to consider and of course emergency attention may be warranted. I have also used and continue to use mediation + EFT (tapping) + reiki + kundalini yoga + acupuncture + hearthmath techniques.  I find homeopathy to be the most profound as it is the most powerful to heal all aspects of our being-as a whole- but can all work synergistically for amazing results.

So today take time to settle in and feel your body and listen. Just know that you have the innate power already to heal and to feel what is best for you. Don’t be quick to give that power over to someone else. Look at your physical body and it’s illness or as part of you and go deeper.

Treat you and not just your body.

It is your body.

You are just not your body