This is probably the most asked question I get. The biggest assumption is that it is is natural “home” remedies and more often mistaken as naturopathy. It it not the same thing as naturopathy and homeopathy and naturopathy are not interchangeable titles. Homeo does not come from home but rather homo or same.

Homeopathy is the medicine of similars.

What does this mean?

Well if a substance creates illness in a healthy person then this same substance when diluted according to homeopathic principles can help heal the same symptoms in an ill person. The diluted form resonates or matches the current frequency or state of the ill person. This then stimulates the healing response within the person and restores balance and relief is felt mental, emotionally and physically. This was discovered over 200 years ago when Samual Hahnemann ingested the bark of the cinchona tree (the active ingredient is quinine) he exhibited symptoms similar to those with malaria. He then began to administer to people sick with malaria and discovered that their health improved and they recovered. This went on to be the first homeopathic remedy known as China Officinalis. We can also now see homeopathic principles applied in our current medical system with the treatment of ADD. Ritalin or adderall are prescribed, while this is a stimulant it actually induces a sense of calm and focus in those who are experiencing ADD symptoms.

Homeopathy is extremely individualized. It treats the person with the symptoms not the symptoms directly.

The correct remedy stimulates the innate healing response within the person. Each person experiences the similar things very differently. Each headache, virus etc is very unique in expression from person to person. So when the remedy is matched to the person’s experience, the symptoms begin to dissipate and the person heals. Harmony is restored and overall vitality and immunity is increased.

Homeopathy differs from other modalities in this way. The symptoms are not the problem. It sees symptoms as the messenger and the expression of the true disturbance. Therefore it is not suppressive in nature. It is not treating the symptom or trying to remove it. Removing, suppressing or managing are treating the symptom as the problem and is outside-in approach. Even some natural things still address the symptom as the problem that must be silenced. When suppression or removal occurs it is very common to see it just expressed via another outlet which are then more new symptoms. If something is natural it still may be suppressive.

Homeopathy understands you are the healer.

You heal yourself. The body has been designed to heal. Homeopathy gets this. The correct remedy simply is the catalyst. It stimulates the healing response. The well chosen remedy is a match to energetic expression. Like cures like.

Homeopathy sees you as a whole, it allows you to heal yourself on all levels.

Homeopathy views you as a totality of all your symptoms. Your mental, emotional and of course physical. All meshed together as one. When you are stimulated you harmonize on all of these levels and healing occurs. Overall a sense of well being is normally felt even when clients seek help for a physical ailment. The mental + emotional + physical planes are all connected. Think of yourself as a tree. The branches and extensions are all symptoms (anxiety, constipation, canker sores, eczema etc). These are all expressions of one deeper disturbance. Homeopathy gets to the level of the disturbance which is only found by understanding you as a whole. Not just the symptom. In this way there is one remedy for all of your symptoms. Homeopathy connects the dots between symptoms in the mental, emotional and physical planes. You are one.

Homeopathy allows you to be the leader.

When you see a homeopath you are the focus. 1-2 hours may be taken to fully understand all of you. As healing occurs, layers are removed or peeled away. Like an onion. This is is true inside out healing. Therefore as the symptom picture shifts the remedy also may shift right along with you. You are your healer so you are in the driver’s seat that determines what comes next. Experiencing and receiving full attention from a homeopath puts you in the lead allows for freedom of expression and ownership of your health.

Homeopathy is gentle, safe and can be used by everyone.

Because homeopathy stimulates the healing mechanisms you already hold, it is extremely gentle and safe. When it is you that is doing the healing then there are no side effects or interactions. Remedies can not interact with medications. They are extremely gentle even for new borns and during pregnancy. Homeopathy works on the energetic level, the level of the disturbance.

Since learning homeopathy and understanding our healing ability that we hold, my life has drastically changed. No more chasing the symptoms but rather getting to the root of the disturbance that has created the symptoms.

You can heal and homeopathy stimulates this within you.

I hope to empower and calibrate with you to ignite with your ability to heal.

To tap into your healing potential that is already inside of you.

Homeopathy truly is mind + body + soul medicine.