This is probably the most asked question I get. The biggest assumption is that it is is natural “home” remedies and more often mistaken as naturopathy. It it not the same thing as naturopathy and homeopathy and  naturopathy  are not interchangeable titles.  Homeo does not come from home but rather homo or same.
Homeopathy is the medicine of similars.

Like cures like.

Homeopathy is not herbal remedies
Homeopathy is not home remedies
Homeopathy is not the same as Naturopathy

Homeopathy is medicine.

It heals from the inside out.
It gets to the root of the problem.
It is a 200 year old medicine.

We are powerful beings and have a life force that runs through our body that keeps it functioning. We all have what homeopaths call a vital force. Our vital force is our life force. Our inner power that keeps the heart beating.  When we exhibit a symptom or group of symptoms our body is expressing outwardly that something inwardly is out of balance. Homeopaths look at you as a whole and the totality of all your symptoms.  We understand that your body works for you and that symptoms that seem unrelated are indeed very much related at a deeper level. These symptoms are a true expression of an imbalance. We can then open a full and proper case, finding the best simillimum or similar remedy to restore homeostasis or balance. Our bodies are pushed or stimulated in the direction of a cure. Homeopathy assists the body’s natural healing process.  The symptoms begin to disappear. Healing occurs. It is your body and who you are that we are treating not the illness or disease. This is true healing. We treat the person who has the illness not the illness it self.  This is homeopathy.

Homeopathy gets to the root of why the symptom appeared in the first place.

Your body is designed to heal. 

Homeopathy supports this. 

We use medicines that we call remedies. These remedies are made from natural resources including plants, animals or minerals.  Homeopathy is extremely gentle, safe, has no side effects and is suitable for all ages and health conditions.  The correctly chosen remedy is matched to you thereby healing all that you experience: physically, mentally and emotionally. Balance is restored.  When you feel balanced your overall sense of well being is improved.  Your life is improved. Homeopathy is extremely individualized and the remedy that matches your experiences is unique to you.  Specifically chosen for you.  This is why homeopathy is very hard to measure and test but also exactly why it is so effective and so healing.

Homeopathy is pure.
Homeopathy is safe.
Homeopathy heals.
Homeopathy heals all of you.

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beauty of homeopathy.

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