Arnica Montana is one the best remedies to begin your homeopathic journey with. It is easy to know when to use it and how to use it and it the most recognized of homeopathic medicines. Surgeons are now realizing the healing power and are prescribing to patients for post surgery.

Arnica Montana is also known as wolf’s bane and is a bright yellow flower resembling the daisy. Most people have used arnica or have heard about it and never realized even that it is indeed a homeopathic remedy. The most common form is in a cream or ointment for sore muscles while this is great, this in the cream form is actually more herbal and not homeopathic. For a deep massage and sore tired muscles this is wonderful but for sprains, tears, breaks and deep bruising the power lies from within. Once it is potentized (diluted) it becomes homeopathic and can be taken internally. The remedy taken internally is much more powerful and has amazing healing and pain relief capabilities.

I have used Arnica more times than I can remember. From stubbed toes to a severe broken collar bone to post surgical pain and swelling and concussions. Not only is Arnica helpful for these conditions but it is helping your body heal as it does. It has no side effects unlike other conventional pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.

It has helped my family ranging from treating a husband with wear and tear from playing NHL hockey and his multiple surgeries to my children with minor bumps and their breaks to my son with his multiple surgeries from his cancer.

Arnica uses:




post surgery



I will never forget the time when a neighbor came to play and was hit in the forehead unintentionally with my son’s hockey stick. The goose egg that appeared within minutes was shocking to see but what was even more extraordinary was how fast this golf ball size bump slowly disappeared. After only 1 dose.

I was amazed.

The sooner you take the Arnica after the trauma the better. Frequency is always determined by the intensity of the symptoms. So it is very individualized. You don’t follow the instructions of the medicine but rather follow the person and his/her expression of symptoms. Similar trauma and surgeries may call for different dosing of arnica. Very different than conventional pain killers and anti-inflammatories. If the trauma and pain is severe it may be called to give every 15 min gradually increasing the intervals in between as the symptoms improve. Could be every hour or every 4 hours to eventually 2x/day then daily. So to begin you give 4 pellets and monitor. So for example if you got hit like the above example you give one dose and because I saw remarkable results so quickly it was only necessary to repeat another time. If you pulled a muscle and it is inflamed and sore you start same way but may need to repeat 3-4x/day for a few days. If you just had surgery you should take immediately following the surgery and repeat every 2-4 hours again depending on the intensity and continue over the fews days after. You may need to take every 15 min initially if pain is severe. There is never overdosing but also must remember when there is improvement you back off. Less is more. The arnica after surgery will help with bruising, inflammation and pain. So when or if the pain swelling comes back you repeat the remedy. As symptoms decrease so does the frequency of taking arnica.

Arnica can be found most readily in 30c and 200c potencies. There are also a few very high potencies and once you understand the basics of homeopathy I would recommend to have on hand for those of you are into sports or have children who play competitively. When using higher potencies you should always seek guidance from an experienced homeopath. I recommend and most often use the 200c.

My most recent experiences with arnica were with both my boys. My older son was playing hockey and got checked into the boards last year during a hockey game. This was a severe break his collar bone. His pain was intense. The doctor was pretty impressed with the break and mentioned surgery may have to be an option. I immediately began arnica. I chose a higher potency because of the severity of the pain. I gave frequently. Every 30 minutes.

He slept through that very first night after the break and woke up to significant relief. I added another remedy days later to help the bone heal and he fully healed without the need for surgery.

My other younger son more recently had a second surgery on his arm where he had a tumor years ago. It was a very similar situation with pain. After the surgery I gave 200c very frequently. I could tell he was in discomfort so went right to the higher potency. I gave every 20min and even I was shocked with his improvement. He knew when he needed another dose so I repeated according to his need. Gradually the timing in between became longer and longer.

Amazing again. The arnica cream would never even touch these cases nor would you grab it after concussion.

Arnica taken homeopathically is amazing. It is safe. It reduces swelling and pain. It heals. Arnica like every homeopathic remedy nudges your body and its energy source to heal. From the inside out.

You can find Arnica Montana 200c most likely in your closest health food store or online.

Brands I like and are reputable are Boiron, Washington homeopathics, Homeocan and Hahnemann Labs.