Homeopathy is magic.
That is what I thought my first time.

My story with homeopathy began with my 13 year old son who was 4 at the time. It actually began long before that but I never knew what it was.
I always wanted to be a doctor or pharmacist or something in the medical/health field. I studied biology, chemistry then ended up finishing with nutrition and psychology.

But something never felt quite right.

I chose to not pursue more schooling after I graduated with my undergrad so I could be with my husband as he travelled a lot and we never knew where or how long we would be somewhere.

I knew there was more but couldn’t put my finger on it and didn’t know of anything else.

After my son was born he suffered major congestion and chronic ear infections.
He had antibiotics constantly for about 3 years.
Of course I didn’t know what to do.
We ended up moving during the midst of this so I had to start over with finding doctors.
It is there we began to see an ENT.
Tubes got put in the ears.
It was life changing for him…he finally could speak clearly because he could hear!
So while yes things improved I still questioned and would ask but why?
Why does he have so much fluid in his ears?
Why does his body produce these symptoms? What is going on?
No answers could be had.
Don’t get me wrong I value tremendously the skill and expertise of surgeons + doctors but it just didn’t make sense to me. I wanted more.
Just treating the symptoms and removing was the only way. I didn’t know what else to do.
I was frustrated as I realized by now it was really one big ear infection that was just never going away.
He then began to get boils on his bottom. He was still occasionally in diapers so I didn’t think much of it as perhaps just a diaper rash and pimples.
These were no ordinary boils. Turned out it was MRSA.  Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is that scary bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics.
So now I am full into fear mode and my mind is creating all of these stories! I was living in so much anxiety. We then also got moved again. A new city and new doctors.
Another ENT and pretty much the same stories, and then the adenoids came out.

This is were my life changed.

I asked again why?
Why are his adenoids so big? Why does he have fluid in his ears to begin with?
To me I wanted to address the root cause as to why and not just remove all the symptoms.

“That is the million dollar question”.

This was the doctor’s answer.
The answer was life changing. No one knows or seems to want to know!

Enter homeopathy.

I am not really sure how I came across it but now I realize a perfectly synchronized event happened so I could learn about it. I called around and found a local woman where I currently live.
We met for our initial consult.
The questions she asked perplexed me…..what kind of ice cream does he like? what are his favorite foods? does he sweat on his head? really?
I didn’t understand too much but knew it felt right. Homeopathy was going to address the root cause of his ear infections.

So what happened next rocked my world and was the most memorable event for my beginning. Shortly after this consult  he experienced another ear infection…yes even with adenoids gone and tubes in ears Back to the ENT.
This time it was MRSA ….in his ear.
I am freaking out…. will it go to his brain? is he going to die? everything was running in my head (this was before I trusted the process:) I was not calm.
Of course I leave the office with another potent antibiotic, you know since MRSA is resistant to everything!
I take the prescription and get it filled. One antibiotic, one ear drop and one tube of cream for inside his nose (that is where the bacteria live.)

I never used anything I was given.

I didn’t have to.

I gave the remedy my homeopath at the time recommended.

He was cranky, and had stuff oozing out of his ear.
One dose, 4 little pellets is all I gave him before bed.

One happy little boy with no gunk and no odor in the morning.


I continued a few more doses after consulting with her.

The 10 day follow up appointment was there.
I was so incredibly scared + anxious. Scared what the doctor would see. Scared I was going to get into trouble for not giving him the stuff. Anxious about what I did….what if I have harmed him and it’s worse. What if the doctor asks.

One look in his ear and he said “beautiful, it cleared up nicely.”

I have never looked back since.
I fell in love.
I found my passion.