What is Homeopathy?

This is probably the most asked question I get. The biggest assumption is that it is natural “home” remedies and more often mistaken as or interchangeable with naturopathy. Homeo does not come from home but rather homo or same. Homeopathy is the medicine of similars.

Like treats like.

Homeopathy is not herbal remedies
Homeopathy is not home remedies
Homeopathy is not the same as Naturopathy

Homeopathy is medicine.

Homeopathy is safe.
It heals from the inside out.
It gets to the root of the problem.
It is a 200 year old medicine.

We are all vibrational beings and resonate at particular frequencies. We all have what homeopaths call a vital force. Our vital force is our life force. Our inner energy. Our vibration. We certainly have a body but we are not our body.  We are so so much more.  When we exhibit a symptom, our vital force or our energy is out of balance. We can then open a full and proper case, finding the best simillimum or similar remedy to restore homeostasis or balance. Our bodies are pushed or stimulated in the direction of healing.  It is our bodies, our energy who we are that we are treating not the illness or disease. This is true healing. We treat the person who has the illness not the illness it self.

We use medicines what we call remedies. These remedies are made from natural resources the earth or nature have given us including plants, animals, minerals. We are all meant to live in harmony together so therefore makes so much sense we can heal using what we already are made of and what we are given. In the crude form these are more commonly understood as herbs and act on the physical body. In homeopathy these substances are diluted many times over so there is literally nothing left of the original substances. The energy and the power to stimulate still remains and the depth of this stimulus increases as the potency increases.   The more it is diluted the more potent it becomes thus more powerful. Because there is nothing left of the crude form they are completely safe. These higher potencies are less material in nature and can now stimulate the non-physical (energetic) parts of our beings to return our whole being including the physical body back to harmony.

Homeopathy is pure.
Homeopathy is safe.
Homeopathy heals.
Homeopathy is true healing.