My Approach

I guide you to create harmony within yourself.

You are your healer.

I see you as more than your physical body. I empower you to feel and connect to the powerful force that flows through you. You will become self-aware that you are not your body and symptoms. Healing is more than we can see. It is a meshing of all of you.

Your body + mind + heart + soul.

You become one. You are one.

Homeopathic medicine supports this awareness. It unlocks and ignites your healing process. It empowers you to become one.

Krista Rivet

Homeopathic medicine is a catalyst. It ignites and creates the momentum your body needs. It helps shift all of you to become aligned. It supports your body to do what it innately knows.

Symptoms are the expression by the body as the result of the disturbance. I understand this. Homeopathy understands this.

I assess according to homeopathic principles. I listen and gather the totality of all of you ( symptoms on the physical, mental and emotional level) and am guided to your personal, unique remedy that is best for you. This remedy empowers you to access your inner strength. Your inherent healing wisdom is set into motion.

Your body is intelligent. But healing does not look the same for everyone. You will heal in a way that works for you.

Homeopathic medicine helps shift your body into alignment. It helps shift all of you to become aligned. It supports your body to do what it already knows to do.

You do the work, the healing. I am supporting the process. You will become aware how you are more than your parts. More than your body. You will begin to listen and trust.

I want you to learn to listen to your body. To listen to you heart. Begin noticing how you react to life events. Your body speaks to you. Life speaks to you. I assess according to homeopathic principles. I fuse all of these aspects. Your emotions, stressors, how you are experiencing symptoms.

This all matters. I want to hear it all. I don’t want to mask or cover it up. You will still have the problem. Let’s dig deep and uproot.

Krista Rivet

I help you shift your mindset as you begin to heal. Your trust for your self and your love for yourself will expand. I help you connect to , your healing wisdom that is already within you. You will be empowered to tap into your abundance of wellness that you hold.

Together, we can unlock your healing ability.

You have the power to heal. It all begins within.

Work with Me

Intro Call

  • 15 Minute Call
  • Meet me. Ask questions, learn more.

Initial Consultation

  • Full Case-taking and Assessment
  • Prescribed Remedy
  • Check-in at 2 weeks
  • Acute care if needed
  • First Follow-up Consultation


  • Reassessment
  • Refill or New Remedy (if needed)





Frequently Asked Questions

Since homeopathy treats the whole person, initial consultations will take approximately 60-90 mins. A full case taking consists of an in depth getting to know you to gather all the necessary information so a correct remedy can be chosen. We go deep into every aspect of your life and past experiences, your stressors, your food likes, your dreams. Everything about you!

You as a whole is being treated not the symptoms separately. I am observing and learning everything about you and connecting all of your symptoms together. I am seeing you as your body + mind and soul. Everything is confidential.

Follow-ups are critical and communication is the most important thing in homeopathy to be successful. Because you are a fusion of you mind + body + soul, it is imperative to keep communication open and any changes reported to me – any changes on any level.

Sometimes after the initial has acted a new one is required. Or changes in dosing and potency may need to be addressed.

Follow-ups are extremely important to keep the healing momentum going.

Depending on the nature of the illness and depth, healing could be immediate or take months to years to fully unfold. Expect to commit anywhere from 3-6 followups.

It is all determined as things unfold and the nature of your symptoms. Follow-up consultations allow me to make adjustments if needed. As you heal and harmony is restored followups will spread out and become less frequent.

Follow ups will occur usually every 4-6 weeks but will be determined by each case.

Homeopathy is investing in your growth, your life, your body and your overall healing. A commitment of at least 6 months is most common to see and feel long lasting effects.

More importantly, it is when you feel results. Healing takes time. In order to have success, patience and communication is needed.

Each person is so unique so how each person responds and how quickly is also very unique. The first follow-up is very important to see how you are responding to the remedy. Any modifications can then be made if necessary.

Some feel an immediate difference and some it takes times and is very gradual like layers being peeled away. It all depends on the person and the depth of the mistunement and types of symptoms experienced.

Chronic illness develops over months, weeks to years. Therefore healing also takes time. Generally many months and up to a year is normal.

Homeopathy requires commitment and is not a quick fix. Patience and communication are critical.

Homeopathy acts very differently within the body within you than any supplement. So yes, you can continue to take supplements like vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, herbs etc. They will not interact with a remedy nor create any adverse reactions.

Many times some supplements can help the body physically and help the whole healing process.

Yes. Just like supplements, allopathic or traditional medicines cannot interact with homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies cannot interact or cause adverse reactions with your medications.

Your medications, however, may antidote a homeopathic remedy or stop it from working. But this will be discussed during our initial consult. It is completely safe to continue both.

This will determined after your consultation. There are no set strict rules like in traditional medicine prescriptions. You are unique and your remedy will be tailored just for you and therefore how and when and which potency is also unique to you. This will be determined after our consultation.