How Decluttering my House Decluttered my Mind

I have for years felt overwhelmed in my head. Always thinking and knowing the projects behind closed doors that had to be done. Thing on the surface looked good but behind doors and in bins in the basement was stuff. It was nagging at me to get rid of it all and organize what was to keep on top of finishing up my studies and figuring out how to get my a practice going. On top of being a mom to 4 of course.
I would put it all off because I just didn’t know where to begin.
I wanted it to be just right.
It had to be perfect.
I would Self-Sabotage all. day. long. I would do a little drawer then try to study. But my mind
was all over the place. So I would think I don’t have any time to start either so I will just read
this magazine, or prep for dinner, or switch the laundry. There was always something.
Before I knew it another week, month then a year had passed. Ugh.
At this time I was connecting within, alot, so I sat and asked for some help. What to do next?
How do I begin this journey?
I sat in mediation many times and felt an overwhelming feeling to clean. Even like someone
nudging me to do it. Not clean as in cleaning and scrubbing but to clear out space. To purge. To rid
my house of stuff. To de-clutter.
I kept ignoring this urge or message as I thought I have to finish my courses, I have to read this book, I have to write this paper before I tackle that.
Somehow a book crossed my path. I picked up the book “The Art of Tidying up” and it hit me. I
am suppose to do this. Now. Clean and not do the work…yet. It all made sense.
Stuff is energy.
This energy was keeping me blocked.
As much as we can choose our mental state regardless of what is around us it really is hard to
focus and move forward with too much energy or stuff in the way.
I started cleaning. emptying . purging. I could not stop.
All this stuff that I held onto for years in bins.
Why? I really thought about it.
What was I clinging to? What was I afraid to let go of? Why was I afraid to let go?

Moving forward.  I was terrified to move forward. I was clinging to comfort.

I was scared of getting out of my comfort zone.
This is what I have been wrestling with forever. Living my truth. Very much out of my comfort
zone. So I felt I really needed to purge so I could physically let go which opened me up to even
more awareness. More freedom.
Releasing all the stuff that no longer served me cleared out so much energy that was lingering.
I felt lighter.
Minimalism is the way.
Walking into a room with too much stuff or a cluttered work space is not conducive to a
productive work time. I am sure all of you have experienced the difference in your mood and
productivity when you have a dirty + cluttered space vs clean + minimal.
I ignored my inner voice for so long directing me what needed to be done to help me get to
where I wanted, where I needed to be.
But I completely ignored it as I had too much stuff to do.
I see now the one thing that I was putting off was exactly where I needed to go.

Clutter is a reflection of our inner lack of organization. Our inner chaos.

I wanted so badly to be focussed and determined but I couldn’t until I emptied bins. Until I got organized.
It felt amazing.
I was able to then feel good about taking my time to sit down and work and finish my studies and write. I
was in a better mood as everything had a place or was out of the house. I loved the feeling of
behind the closed doors it was minimal. Clean. Organized.
Now when I find I am fatigued, overworked, or haven’t taken the time to go within I notice that I
have left clutter, stuff lying around. I have a hard time focussing. I also find it is those times that I
tend to buy more things to add to the clutter and actually leave things lying around.  It is all connected just like everything else in life.  I now take the time to keep things flowing and not
piling up.
All of those clothes you don’t wear, get rid of them.
All those things that you just keep reorganizing in you junk drawer, get rid of them.
Less is more. So. Much. More.
I am living simply now. I love nice things but I buy what I actually will wear and keep what we
actually use.
You know that sweater that you might just wear some day? No. You. Won’t. Get rid of it.
Now, things are donated, recycled or thrown out regularly to keep the flow and the energy

My state of mind is a reflection of my environment and my environment is a reflection of my state of mind.

So we must keep both clean and fresh. .
We are all interconnected with our homes and our stuff.
Keep it all flowing.
Clear out the stuff.


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